Cancellation & Refund

How to cancel unpaid orders

If the order is unpaid and pending, you may leave the order as the payment link will expire in 3 hours after the order is created. The order will be automatically canceled and not punished. If you cancel because you want to change the item or the customer's address, you can immediately create a new order without having to wait for the previous order to expire.

How to cancel a paid order

If the order has been paid then you can't cancel the order for any reason.

Refund for payment with Pre Purchase balance

Pre Purchase balance is PocketYou's digital electronic media that is used to pay for your orders more easily and comfortably. For now, Pre Purchase can only be used to pay for digital products such as credit, data packages, pln and games vouchers.

If the transaction failed and you use your Pre Purchase balance to pay, then you don't need to worry because the balance will be returned automatically to your PocketYou Pre Purchase account.