What are transaction status in PocketYou Asia

In PocketYou Asia there are five transaction status, which is:

  1. Waiting Payment
  2. Checking Payment
  3. Settled
  4. Canceled
  5. Declined
How to check transaction status

How to see the transaction status as follows:

  1. On the main page, click Transaction
  2. You can see status transaction, click Waiting Payment. If your order is waiting for payment, meaning that the order has not yet paid and is still waiting for payment from the customer.
  3. Click Checking Payment. When check out on the app, customers will be direct to a page that many options for payment methods. Next, the system will check if the transaction is successful or not. When the data entered by the customer does not match or there are indications of errors in payment, the system will automatically cancel the payment.
  4. Click Settled. If the order is settled, it means the order has been completed.
  5. Click Canceled. If the order is in canceled status, meaning thats customer's order cannot be process.
  6. Click Declined. If the order is in declined, meaning that your order is problem or issue and cannot be process.

How to check transaction status