What is Pocketyou referal

PocketYou provides a special for all members which is Referral Bonus, where you can invite your friends to join and register as a member in PocketYou by sharing your Referral Code.

How to share referal code as follows:

  1. Open Pocketyou Asia app
  2. On the main page, click Me
  3. Click Invite Friend
  4. There will be a unique code that is different for each user, every friend who successfully registers with your referral code will get instant rewards
  5. Please copy the referral code or
  6. You can share to social media
  7. Referral shared success. Don't forget to remind your friends to complete the referral code when sign up
What the Terms & Conditions Pocketyou referal
  1. Referral bonus for all Pocketyou members only
  2. You will get various rewards including GoldMine, NextCar and Pre Purchase if your friends sign up using your referral code
  3. No limit to the users you can invite. But, we will follow up with users who abuse or commit referral fraud in Pocketyou
  4. Referral bonus will be sent to your rewards after the invited friend sign up successfully and top up the Pre Purchase balance at least 20,000
How do I check the number of referrals I've invited

If you want to see the total friends who have successfully sign up using your referral, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open PocketYou Asia app
  2. On the main page, swipe up
  3. To find What's interesting in Pocket You
  4. Click All Deals For You
  5. Click Super Crazy Deal
  6. You can see in Accomplishment

Note: But make sure your friend who successfully sign up using referrals, to top up the Pre Purchase balance of at least 20,000

How to share referal code

How do i check number of referal i've invited